I am the mountain.

I am the craigs and cliffs that I climb, not the career ladders up against unclean and uncared for windows that don’t always open to let you slide in and take a seat.

I’ve been climbing many ladders and helping others ascend their mountains but they weren’t for me. I knew this when my soles wore through and there were no replacements to be found.

My soul escaped in those moments through the holes that we had worn going too fast and not noticing the beauty that was all around us.

My mountain’s summit is far…

Mental health awareness week always brings a little pang in my stomach. It’s an inner conflict of “awesome let’s smash the stigma on the M word” and “here we go again with the song and dance about our painful inner brain workings for all of one week, try living in my head 365. You probably wouldn’t want to hang out for long” Or so I thought.

This year I am grateful for the reminder. Truly grateful.

Over the last year, everyone has been mentally tested and challenged. We have all dipped and dived and it’s been an awakening that we…

I’ve always found it odd how we categorise and pigeon hole ourselves and others sometimes. The classic:

"There will always be someone more worse off than you and someone you wish you could be more like".

I wonder if the people that we mentally order feel the same though? It's all about perception isn't it. Look at a cylinder from the side you see one long shape, tip it the other way and look down its barrel you see a small circle.

It's like looking at a penny flat or on its side.

At first glance, the cards others have…

Do you know what face that is?....
7 hrs
16,000+ unread emails
Spanning 2014- 2020

My email genuinely makes me feel stressed. Like insidiously stressed for YEARS. I hadn't quite realised how much until I realised I was avoiding ALL comms. Digging a hole that sunk me deeper into the unhelpful strategy of do nothing....

I have tried to use plasters before - installing some software or app to help but it doesn't.

In fact I stumbled across some great articles on just that....

"More technology isn’t the solution to email overload. Better tactics are" John Zeratsky

Ebony Escalona

Venezuelan Brit | Host | Ideator | Nature lover | MH storyteller Helping to craft communities that count. @ebonyescalona

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